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Where To Turn When You’ve Been Wronged

Caring, Skillful Representation After A Fatal Accident

As you grapple with the shock, sorrow and disruption of the loss of a family member in a crash or in another kind of accident, legal matters may be far from your mind. Most families need time to mourn and bury their deceased loved ones before pursuing the possibility of a claim or lawsuit. However, waiting to begin an investigation after a car accident or a lethal fall can result in opportunities lost to make a successful case later.

With more than 20 years of experience, Marie Mattox, is a valuable resource for families in bereavement after fatalities. Our attorneys are sensitive and discreet when working with surviving wives, parents, children and other close family members. We have helped many clients bring successful wrongful death claims. Our behind-the-scenes investigations get cases underway without delay and without disruption to families.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions And Lead The Way To Justice

At first, you may be paralyzed with grief and disbelief after a loved one’s accidental death. Soon, however, questions may come up in rapid succession one after the other, such as:

  • Who is eligible for wrongful death benefits or compensation?
  • How will final medical bills be paid?
  • When and how should the estate be opened for the deceased person?
  • Where and how should witnesses report their recollections about the accident, especially as suppressed memories surface over time?
  • How will the amount of compensation recoverable through a wrongful death claim be determined?
  • What if the deceased person was a homemaker who may have had no salary but contributed greatly to a family’s day-to-day living?


The best answers to questions such as these will be, by definition, highly personalized. At Marie Mattox, we are ready to answer your questions. We focus on our clients with the same care we would offer a friend or family member. At the same time, we bring our vast storehouse of legal knowledge to bear on every fatal accident and personal injury case. We welcome the opportunity to share with you how we can help your family after a fatality — in your own timing and on your own terms.

Inquire And See How We Can Help

We are here for you. As soon as you are ready, we hope for a chance to hear your story. We will clearly explain the legal processes that can bring you much-needed financial relief after a fatal car accident or any type of accident affecting your family. To schedule your no-obligation consultation, call  850-383-4800 or email us. We are here for you.


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