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Discrimination & Harassment

Contact our legal team today to determine if you have grounds to sue for employment discrimination, workplace harassment or wrongful termination and potentially pursue monetary compensation. Our lawyers fight for damages, economic losses and psychological harm prompted by unequal treatment and harassment due to gender, race, religion, age, disability and pregnancy related prejudices.

Retaliation & Whistleblower Claims

Our employment lawyers seek to help and protect those suffering from the wrongdoings of retaliation and whistle-blower claims. Compensation could be sought for employees wrongfully punished, terminated, reviewed or harassed for reporting unjust practices, violations and other criminal acts.

Police Misconduct/Civil Rights Violations

The law firm of Marie A. Mattox, P.A. stands up for citizens whose constitutional and civil rights have been denied, abused or violated by government authority. We pursue justice and compensation for wrongful treatment in jail or prison, false arrests, excessive force and improper police misconduct and abuse of power.

FMLA & Disability Discrimination

We proudly help and represent disabled and pregnant workers, those with health conditions and others covered under FMLA or ADA. The Mattox firm offers to enforce the rights of those that have been refused leave, discriminated against, terminated, misinformed, or unequally treated due to their mental or physical incapacity.


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The law firm of Marie A. Mattox, P.A., represents individuals – not businesses or governments – in state and federal courts of Florida and Georgia, to pursue and protect individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all workers and citizens.We advocate for those whose basic rights have been denied. We seek to address discriminatory acts or constitutional violations that are taken based not on legitimate reasons, but rather on prejudice, outdated attitudes, or indifference.


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