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Where To Turn When You’ve Been Wronged

When Whistleblower Claims Lead To Retaliation: Know And Exercise Your Rights

In most situations, employers have the right to discharge employees for business reasons or other nondiscriminatory reasons. What is illegal for employers to do is to:

  • Fire or demote employees because of their race, religion, national origin or sex
  • Retaliate against employees who complain about discrimination or harassment in the workplace
  • Retaliate against whistleblowers: employees who report wrongdoing they have witnessed or experienced on the job to government agencies
  • Retaliate against employees who take legitimate time off for medical or family reasons under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Do you suspect you have experienced illegal retaliatory discharge, demotion or harassment at work? Were you fired, demoted or verbally abused after you filed a complaint reporting violations of employment laws? Get legal advice and learn about legal avenues you can pursue. You may be eligible for back pay, reinstatement and/or other remedies.

Marie Mattox, stands up for employees’ rights on the job in Florida. Our employment lawyers support employees or former employees who have been targeted for retaliation and advise on whistleblower claims. We advocate for workers after they were wrongfully punished, terminated, reviewed or harassed for reporting unjust practices, violations and other criminal acts. Attorney Marie Mattox or another lawyer suitable for your case is ready to evaluate the facts and determine whether your employer broke the law by letting you go or otherwise penalized you for whistleblowing.

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