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How To Overcome Noncompete Agreement Challenges

Marie Mattox, has been advising and representing employees in Florida and Georgia for more than 20 years. We are very familiar with problems related to noncompete contracts that employees are often asked to sign — and circumstances that can lead to trouble when an employer claims a violation has occurred.

We Advise Employees At All Stages Of Contract Disputes

The best time to discuss a noncompete agreement with an employment law attorney is, of course, before signing one. If your new employer or longstanding employer has asked you to agree to terms of a contract defining your business activities away from work (while you are employed or afterward), put your mind at ease by asking a lawyer to review it and advise you of your rights and responsibilities.

Perhaps you signed a noncompete agreement when you started working at your current job and now you want to moonlight or you plan to look for a new job. Should you worry about violating the noncompete agreement? Talk with one of our lawyers if you are unsure how to discreetly find out what all you originally signed. Our attorneys can guide you as you consider professional activities that could be considered violations of the terms — and how to avoid these conflicts.

Maybe you have already left your previous company and started a job hunt or a new job. Your past employer may have already confronted you with probing questions or even a legal complaint, alleging you violated your original noncompete contract. Control or mitigate any damage done with knowledgeable legal advice. If necessary, our lawyers can defend you in any legal forum in pursuit of the most favorable outcome.

We also advise employers on employment law issues such as noncompete agreements. 

Get Answers, Advocacy And The Solution You Need When A Noncompete Agreement Is In Question

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