If you get into a car accident, you may think you feel fine. You may be tempted to just head home after you talk to the police. You may count yourself lucky. 

However, it may still be wise to get medical attention. It’s one of the key steps people should generally take after accidents, and you don’t want to overlook it just because you feel fine in the moment. It is better to get confirmation from a medical professional to ensure that you really did not suffer injuries. 

After all, a car accident tends to generate an adrenaline rush that can make you overlook injuries and pain, just like getting injured playing sports or getting into a fight. Your body is trying to help you survive the encounter, and the adrenaline can help to reduce or mask the pain for you. Unfortunately, if you were involved in a car crash, you may not realize that you’re actually hurt. 

There are instances where people assume they are fine and go home without seeing a doctor. Hours later, or at least by the following day, it is clear that something is very wrong. They could have a brain injury, internal injuries, internal bleeding or a whole host of other invisible injuries and ailments. Prompt treatment gives you the best chance to survive something like this with minimal ramifications, but delaying that treatment can make your condition far worse. 

If you’re looking into your legal options to seek financial compensation after a crash, having a medical record that documents your injuries is also important. It can help to define the injuries that you have, confirm that they happened in the car accident and show what they cost.