You’ve just gotten the job offer of your dreams! The pay is more than you expected, you love the company and your boss is someone you can’t wait to work for. But wait. There’s a non-compete clause you’re being asked to sign before you take the job. Should you sign? Here are a few things to keep in mind before inking your signature on the dotted line:

What is a non-compete clause?

A non-compete clause is an agreement between the employer and employee. It restricts an employee from competing with their employers once the employee has left the company. In a number of contracts, a non-compete clause will dictate that the employee cannot work for a competing company and/or start up a business that would compete with the employer. This clause will also typically outline the amount of time this policy will remain in place.

What if Im asked to sign a non-compete clause?

Number one, you should never sign any agreement you do not feel comfortable signing. It’s also never a bad idea to ask to look over the contract for a few days. Talking it out with fellow professionals in your field may shed some light on what this type of contact typically looks like. It might also be of great help to reach out to an attorney to talk about the contract. Perhaps you might then feel comfortable signing it. Or perhaps you’d feel more comfortable signing it if some things in the contract were altered—be it the verbiage or the timeline. Either way, remember you always have options.