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Whistleblower Claims Lawyers

Employees who stand up for their rights or speak up about wrongdoing often suffer for it. Many employers don't want to hear it and decide to get rid of the "troublemaker".

Employer retaliation for filing claims or reporting abuses is specifically illegal under federal whistleblower legislation and parallel laws of Florida and Georgia. If you believe you were punished or fired in retaliation, the Tallahassee law firm of Marie A. Mattox, P.A., is here to stand up for you. Contact us today to explore your rights and claims in a consultation.

Wrongful Termination and Other Backlash

It is illegal for employers to take adverse employment actions in response to an employee doing any of the following:

-Filing a workers' compensation claim
-TakingFMLA leave (pregnancy leave or caring for a sick family member)
-Filing a sexual harassment or discrimination claim -Reporting discrimination or supporting a coworker's claim
-Reporting an employer's illegal acts
-Refusing to commit illegal acts

Retaliation takes many forms, both overt and subtle: immediate termination, bad performance reviews toward later termination, job transfers or reassignments, threats and harassment, and even bad references and other interference when the person seeks new employment.

Whistleblower Claims

Pulic and private whistleblower laws protect workers against retaliation for reporting discriminatory practices, OSHA violations, fraud against the government, hiring of illegal aliens, violation of environmental regulations and other criminal acts or civil rights violations. Public whistleblower claims are those made by employees who report theft or waste of government funds or misuse of public office.

Tallahassee Lawyers for Employer Retaliation Claims

Our experienced employment lawyers have won notable cases in this area of the law that not only compensated our clients but established protections for all workers in similar circumstances. Founding attorney Marie Mattox has litigated employer retaliation cases for more than 20 years, including precedent-setting cases in workers' compensation and pregnancy retaliation. In a landmark appeal, we won the right to a jury trial in public whistleblower cases.

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