Employment Law FAQ

Q: If you take my case, how long will it take until the case is resolved?

A: The duration of a claim depends heavily on the type of claim, and on other factors that will not be known until the lawsuit is filed and under way. Some factors include the number of claims, the number of parties, the type of court in which the case is filed, and the strategies used by our firm and by the defendant(s). The primary lawyer ultimately assigned to your case can answer questions about timing as the case proceeds. However, while prompt resolution is important, the pace must be viewed as just one of several considerations, including the need for thoroughness.

Q: Will my case actually go to trial?

A: We prepare all cases on the assumption they will go to trial, but you should know that the judicial system encourages parties to resolve their differences through negotiation rather than trial. Indeed, most judges now require the parties to participate in various alternative dispute resolution proceedings, such as mediation. In many instances, these alternative efforts succeed, and a formal trial is avoided. The primary lawyer assigned to your case will discuss the strengths, and any weaknesses in your case, and will make a recommendation whether your interests are better served by trial or by negotiated agreement.

Q: Are the Firm's lawyers prepared to take my case to trial if necessary?

A: Yes. Our firm is a trial practice, which means all the lawyers are trial lawyers who have experience in the courtroom. (Many legal specialities do not require that a lawyer ever step inside a courthouse. Litigation, or trial work, is a speciality all its own, and requires skill and experience that may differ sharply from the skills needed, for example, in a real estate transaction.) Trial work requires enormous preparation, the ability to conduct skilled direct and cross-examination, the ability to write and argue persuasively, and a mastery of rules of procedure and evidence. All the firm's lawyers have substantial experience in these areas.